About US

Stocks of the Day is a news aggregator for U.S. stock traders. We collect news and press releases that mention a publicly traded company, process them, and display them all on our website for the world to use. We utilize artificial Intelligence to create predictive signals on how a stock’s price might be impacted following a breaking news.

Wondering what we do during the “processing?”

Tag News by Topic

We use advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to read, comprehend and categorize every press release by topic(s). These topic categories are referred to as the “tags” or the “hashtags” across the website.

Get Live Ticker Data

Utilizing the findings from the first step, we fetch our proprietary historical data, as well as, real-time market and ticker information related to the press release on hand.

Generate Educated Predictions

Our AI, Sadie, then uses its knowledge around the historical news and market data to come up with a prediction about how the market may react to this news All this information and other features are available, in real-time, to our Subscribers to utilize.


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