Eldorado Gold Provides Exploration Update Highlighting Resource Expansion Upside at Lamaque, Efemcukuru, and Olympias

Oct 3rd, 2022 17:00 EST

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eldorado Gold Corporation (“Eldorado”, the “Company” or “We”) is pleased to provide an update on exploration results at Lamaque, Efemcukuru and Olympias since our last exploration update published in March 2022. So far this year, the Company has completed over 85,000 metres of exploration drilling and is on track to complete the planned 2022 drilling program of 140,000 metres.

“We are encouraged by the results and progress of our 2022 exploration program across the portfolio,” said George Burns, President and CEO of Eldorado Gold Corporation. “New results demonstrate the significant potential to increase resources at Ormaque, supporting our development strategy in Quebec. As well, the completion of the Ormaque exploration drift early in the third quarter has provided access to drill platforms for resource conversion drilling of the upper two-thirds of the Ormaque deposit. Additionally in Quebec, our team is advancing other near mine and district opportunities in the Val-d’Or region, capitalizing on our expanded regional footprint.”

“At Efemcukuru, we have encouraging results from initial drilling at the previously untested West Vein system, and resource conversion drilling is continuing on the Kokarpinar and Bati vein systems. We expect to incorporate results of the conversion drilling in our updated reserves and resource statement by the end of the year,” continued Burns. “The discovery of the North Zone extension at Olympias highlights the outstanding resource expansion potential at this world-class asset.”

Resource Expansion Drilling Highlights

Lamaque (Quebec): At Ormaque, step-out drillholes have identified extensions of several of the mineralized zones well outside of the current resource area. Notable step-out intercepts include:

  • 2.0 metres at 67.01 g/t gold in drillhole LS-21-078, corresponding to zone E040;
  • 1.75 metres at 16.76 g/t gold in drillhole LS-21-078, corresponding to zone E200;
  • 4.0 metres at 13.15 g/t gold (53.08 g/t gold capped) in drillhole LS-21-085, representing a new mineralized lens below the current resource; and,
  • 5.0 metres at 16.37 g/t gold in drillhole FOR-22-022.

Efemcukuru (Turkiye): At Efemcukuru, encouraging drilling results from the previously untested West Vein target area highlight the resource growth potential outside of the Kestane Beleni and Kokarpinar vein systems. These include intercepts of:

  • 2.05 metres at 16.76 g/t gold and 1,702.0 g/t silver in drillhole KV-837;
  • 1.85 metres at 19.73 g/t gold and 73.0 g/t silver in drillhole KV-833;
  • 2.0 metres at 7.96 g/t gold and 17.9 g/t silver in drillhole KV-834; and,
  • 1.35 metres at 13.00 g/t gold and 15.0 g/t silver in drillhole KV-842.

Kassandra Mines (Greece): At Olympias, step-out drilling from the North Zone demonstrates the high-grade resource growth potential situated close to existing development in the upper part of the operating mine, including new intercepts of:  

  • 6.1 metres at 20.60 g/t gold and 668.4 g/t silver in drillhole Ol-1109;
  • 5.5 metres at 10.66 g/t gold and 19.5 g/t silver in drillhole Ol-1110; and
  • 5.2 metres at 4.33 g/t gold and 73.6 g/t silver in drillhole Ol-1108.

Note: Gold grades for drillhole intervals listed in this release are based on capping individual assays at 70 g/t gold for the Ormaque deposit. Drillhole intercepts are drillhole lengths; where sufficient geological control exists, estimated true thicknesses of mineralized zones are in Appendix 1.

The Company has also been advancing conversion drilling programs of inferred resource zones, most significantly at Efemcukuru (Bati and Kokarpinar veins) and Lamaque (Ormaque Deposit), with over 80,000 metres forecast for the year.

Interactive VRIFY 3D Model

To view an interactive 3D model that includes the results announced today use the following link or visit Eldorado Gold's website: https://vrify.com/decks/12109?auth=22ed5dd7-18ca-4b12-b767-eb6ade4a7bb5

Lamaque (Quebec)

The Company’s Eastern Canada exploration priorities include resource expansion and resource conversion drilling at the Ormaque and Triangle deposits, advancing other brownfields opportunities in the Val-d’Or camp, including the Bourlamaque (formerly QMX) property, and exploring several outlying properties in the southern Abitibi region.

Ormaque Deposit

Resource expansion drilling at Ormaque totals over 16,000 metres year to date (16,900 metres planned). This drilling has identified both lateral extensions to known mineralized zones and new zones below the current mineral resources. The step-out drilling program has confirmed that high-grade veins similar in style and geometry to those hosting the Ormaque deposit extend for a distance of at least 250 metres east of the current resource, including the area that was formerly referred to as the Fortune zone. Notable results since the March 2022 exploration update news release include:

  • 2.0 metres at 30.58 g/t gold (67.01 g/t gold uncapped) (drillhole LS-21-078) in lens E040, corresponding to a 50 metre step-out from the current resource;
  • 1.75 meters at 16.76 g/t gold (drillhole LS-21-078), corresponding to a 270 metre step-out to the west of the current resources and a possible extension of lens E200;
  • 4.0 metres at 13.15 g/t gold (53.08 g/t gold uncapped) (drillhole LS-21-085) representing a new mineralized lens approximately 180 metres below the current resource; and
  • 5.0 metres at 16.37 g/t gold (drillhole FOR-22-022) from approximately 250 metres south-east of the current resource, representing a potential new zone in a poorly tested area.

Figure 1: Geological map of the Ormaque deposit area, showing surface projection of mineralized zones (pink shaded area), collar locations and surface traces of new drillholes presented in this news release.https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/0039bec1-676c-4fba-9fd4-d75cb3414fbd

The Ormaque exploration drift project was completed on schedule in early July, providing underground platforms for further drilling of the deposit. Resource conversion drilling from the drift commenced in June and is expected to include approximately 28,000 metres of drilling to be completed during the remainder of 2022 and 2023, targeting the upper two-thirds of the Ormaque deposit. Partial results will be incorporated in the Company’s 2023 Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource update.

Lamaque Brownfields Program Update

Outside of Lamaque, the Company has completed over 36,000 metres of brownfields exploration drilling in 2022 in the Val-d’Or region, most significantly at the Bevcon, Herbin, and Bruell projects.

Figure 2: Geological map showing outline of the Lamaque / Bourlamaque and Bruell license areas and locations of projects reported in this news release.https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/b7f54fa5-8781-4395-9033-29782561182f

Exploration drilling at the Bevcon project is targeting extensions to the mineralized zones that were historically mined at the Bevcon mine (production of 478,000 ounces at a grade of 4.35 g/t gold from 1947 to 1965). Approximately 22,000 metres (36 drillholes) were drilled in late 2021 and early 2022, testing a target area extending over an east-west strike length of 1,500 metres along the northern margin of the Bevcon intrusion. Several of these holes intersected high-grade, south-dipping extension veins similar to those which were exploited in part of the mine. Results of the 2022 drilling program are being integrated with historic mine data and drilling results from the previous owner (QMX Gold) to determine follow-up plans.

Two drill rigs are currently operating at the Herbin project, with over 9,000 metres (20 drillholes) of the 13,000 metre 2022 program now completed. Drilling from a barge-mounted drill rig and from platforms on land has extended some of the mineralized structures which were historically mined at the Lac Herbin mine, some 300 metres to the west and south. Assay results are still pending.

Since 2019 the Company has been exploring the Bruell project, located 40 kilometres east of Val-d’Or, under an option agreement with Sparton Resources. Expenditure commitments and cash payments have now been fulfilled to grant Eldorado 75% ownership in the 29-square-kilometre Bruell property. Exploration completed under the option agreement includes targeting programs consisting of geophysical surveys, mapping, and till and outcrop sampling, more recently culminating in 4,745 metres of diamond drilling (11 drillholes) in 2022 testing a variety of targets on the property.

Efemcukuru (Turkiye)

Recent exploration drilling at Efemcukuru has targeted untested veins in the western part of the license area. These veins, located between 400 and 1,500 metres west of the currently producing Kestane Beleni vein, include the Muhtar (I and II), Huseyinburnu, Dedebag, and Volkan veins, collectively referred to as the West Veins. They have been mapped over a cumulative strike length of over 4.5 kilometres, and extensive outcrop and trench sampling identified high-grade gold values on surface in numerous locations. Earlier this year, Eldorado acquired the exploration license underlying the western extension of several of the veins, which expanded Eldorado’s footprint in the region.

Figure 3: Geology map showing the Efemcukuru West Vein system and gold assay results (grams/tonne) from surface outcrop and trench samples.https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/23c498cc-ee19-4743-bb25-0e5d24c753c7

Initial drill testing of parts of the Muhtar II vein began in early 2022 with a total of 7,030 metres in 23 drillholes completed to date. Several have intersected significant gold and silver mineralization within a segment of the vein measuring approximately 100 metres in strike length and extending downdip for approximately 250 metres. Notable intercepts include:

  • 2.05 metres at 16.76 g/t gold and 1,702.0 g/t silver (drillhole KV-837);
  • 1.85 metres at 19.73 g/t gold and 73.0 g/t silver (drillhole KV-833);
  • 2.0 metres at 7.96 g/t gold and 17.9 g/t silver (drillhole KV-834); and,
  • 1.35 metres at 13.00 g/t gold and 15.0 g/t silver (drillhole KV-842).

Ongoing drilling of the West Vein target area is currently testing the step-out of the Muhtar veins, and will shift to the Huseyinburnu, Volkan and Dedebag vein targets later in the year and into early 2023.

Resource conversion drilling at Efemcukuru has been focused on the Kokarpinar and Bati vein systems. Kokarpinar and Bati are satellite vein systems to the Kestane Beleni vein, which contains all mining to date and hosts the majority of the reserves at Efemcukuru. Over 42,350 metres of resource conversion drilling has been completed on the Kokarpinar and Bati vein systems at Efemcukuru since the previous Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource statement update, announced in December 2021. This drilling has targeted the northern part of the Kokarpinar South vein, and most of the inferred resource areas in both Bati 1 and Bati 2 veins. Results of the conversion drilling at Efemcukuru will be incorporated in the Company’s 2022 Mineral Reserve and Mineral Resource update, expected later this year.

Kassandra Mines (Greece)

At the Olympias operation in Greece, recent underground exploration drilling has targeted extensions to high-grade indicated and inferred resource lenses of the North Zone in the upper part of the mine. In the 2022 program, a total of 1,151 metres were drilled in 10 drillholes at the North Zone. Several of these intersected high-grade massive sulfide intervals up-dip from the current resource, including:

  • 6.1 metres at 20.60 g/t gold and 668.4 g/t silver (drillhole Ol-1109);
  • 5.5 metres at 10.66 g/t gold and 19.5 g/t silver (drillhole Ol-1110); and
  • 5.2 metres at 4.33 g/t gold and 73.6 g/t silver (drillhole Ol-1108).

Figure 4: Plan view projection showing location of the new North Zone step-out intercepts in the upper part of the Olympias deposit.https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/2391475d-4ce8-47f2-895c-29962f47c2b1

These intercepts are in a previously untested area and represent a step-out of over 180 metres from the nearest drillholes defining the North Zone. The North Zone remains open both along strike and up-dip from these intercepts and further step-out drilling is planned from surface drill platforms in 2023.

Qualified Persons 

Dr. Peter Lewis P.Geo., Eldorado’s Vice President, Exploration, is the qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects ("NI 43-101") responsible for, and has verified and approved, the scientific and technical disclosure contained in this press release for projects in Turkiye and Greece. Jacques Simoneau. P.Geo a member in good standing of the Ordre des Géologues du Québec, is the qualified person as defined in NI 43-101 responsible for, and has verified and approved, the scientific and technical disclosure contained in this press release for the Quebec projects. Eldorado operates its exploration programs according to industry best practices and employs rigorous quality assurance and quality control procedures. All results are based on half-core samples of diamond drill core. For Lamaque, drill core samples were prepared and analyzed at Bourlamaque Laboratories in Val d’Or, Quebec, while the Bourlamaque property samples were analyzed at the Swastika Lab in Swastika, Ontario. Drillcore samples for Efemcukuru were prepared at the Company’s sample preparation lab in Cannakale, Turkiye and analyzed at ALS Minerals laboratory in Izmir, Turkiye. At Olympias, drill core samples were prepared and analyzed at ALS Facility in Romania. Silver, lead and zinc grades at Olympias were determined from an aqua regia digestion with an ICP-AES finish. All gold assays are based on fire assay analysis of a 30 gm charge (50 gm for Efemcukuru), followed by an atomic adsorption finish.  Samples with gold grades above 5.0 g/t at the Lamaque project and Efemcukuru Project, 10.0 g/t at other projects were re-assayed and completed with a gravimetric finish. Certified standard reference materials, field duplicates and blank samples were inserted regularly and were closely monitored to ensure the quality of the data.

About Eldorado Gold

Eldorado is a gold and base metals producer with mining, development and exploration operations in Turkiye, Canada, Greece and Romania. The Company has a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, safe and responsible operations, a portfolio of high-quality assets, and long-term partnerships with local communities. Eldorado's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: ELD) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: EGO).


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Table 1: Summary of drillhole assay results from the Ormaque Deposit. Intercepts are only reported for those intervals above a 10 gram x metre cut-off. Drillhole collar locations, collar orientations, and total lengths are listed in Appendix 2. Note: true thickness not shown for intercepts with insufficient data.

DrillholeFrom (m)To (m)IntervalTruethicknessAu (g/t)Au cappedat 70 g/tZone
FOR-22-022281.5283.11.6 11.92 Step-out intercept 170m east of current resource
337.25340.653.4 12.35 Step-out intercept 150m east of current resource
348.2349.51.3 21.97 Step-out intercept 150m east of current resource
364.53661.5 7.69 Step-out intercept 160m east of current resource
592.6597.65.0 16.37 Step-out intercept 250m southeast of current resource
604.4606.72.3 11.92 Step-out intercept 250m southeast of current resource
612.5613.51.0 14.36 Step-out intercept 250m southeast of current resource
FOR-22-02521.922.40.5 49.76  
360.3361.81.5 28.07 Step-out intercept 155m east of current resource
FOR-22-02656.557. Step-out intercept, new lens 220m east of current resource
FOR-22-028101.21042.8 8.54 Step-out intercept 300m east of current resource
129.8131.31.5 9.17 Step-out intercept 280m east of current resource
FOR-22-02962.166.14.0 2.57 Step-out intercept on E009 250m east of current resource
120.3121. Step-out intercept on E010 300m east of current resource
167.0169.02.0 8.25 Step-out intercept 250m east of current resource
247.52480.5 114.0170.00Step-out intercept 280m east of current resource
300.7301.91.2 50.4941.53Step-out intercept 250m east of current resource
FOR-22-030320.75323.552.8 4.26 Step-out intercept 200m east of current resource
LS-21-066559.0561.02.0 5.51 Step-out intercept 350m west of current resource
LS-21-070A246.0247.61.6 10.75 New lens in the deposit 10m below lens E070
LS-21-071267.2268.21.0 14.65 Step-out intercept 120 north of the current resource
LS-21-07248.557.69.1 3.08 New lens in the deposit 80m above lens E009
104.7105.20.5 57.73 New lens in the deposit 18m above lens E009
130.2134.74.5 3.19 New lens in the deposit 10m below lens E009
LS-21-073287.25288.251.00.910.68 Step-out intercept, on E080 95m south of current resource
348.8357.38.5 5.815.81Step-out intercept 20 m below lens E100
LS-21-074400.2404. Step-out intercept, on E080 70m north of current resource
LS-21-07541.1549.458.3 4.98 New lens in the deposit 75m above lens E009
124.0125. Step-out intercept, on E009 20m north of current resource
243.8247.73.9 3.02 New lens in the deposit 5m above lens E050
308.7313. New lens in the deposit 10 m above E090
319.9325.15.24.866.2317.81New lens in the deposit 10 m below E090
346.5347.51.00.910.55 Step-out intercept, on E120 15m south of current resource
375.35376.851.51.417.78 Step-out intercept, on E123 20m north of current resource
LS-21-076143.9145.41.51.510.94 Step-out intercept, on E010 300m east of current resource
LS-21-077412.8416.53.7 20.5917.71Step-out intercept 70m north of current resource
LS-21-078175.5176.61.1 14.99 Step-out intercept 125m west of current resource
307.0309.02.01.867.0130.58Step-out intercept, on E040 50m west of current resource
313.0313.50.5 32.20 Interception 5m below E040
554.7555.71.0 26.02 Step-out intercept 300m west of current resource
597.0597.50.5 22.32 Step-out intercept 300m west of current resource
634.0635.751.75 16.76 Step-out intercept 300m west of current resource
643.7644.20.5 229.8670Step-out intercept 300m west of current resource
LS-21-079518.0519.051.050.719.84 Step-out intercept, on E180 30m east of current resource
LS-21-080366.2368. Step-out intercept, on E110 80m east of current resource
375.7381.25.55.315.9411.66Step-out intercept, on E120 40m south of current resource
LS-21-082189.3189.80.5 33.66 Step-out intercept 300m north of current resource
787.3790.43.1 3.52 Deep intercept 150m below current resource
LS-21-083258.2259.751.551.5320.52 Step-out intercept, on E060 12m south of current resource
272.3272.80.50.539.42 Step-out intercept, on E080 30m east of current resource
LS-21-085167.5168.00.5 54.95 Step-out intercept 300m north of current resource
621.0625. New lens E240, 60m below current resource
653.5654.00.5 27.73 New lens 90m below current resource
770.0774.04.0 53.0813.15New lens 180m below current resource
LS-21-086218.5220.41.9 21.15 New lens 5m below lens E030
228.2229.751.551.511.72 Step-out intercept, on E040 20m east of current resource
277278.81.81.718.12 Step-out intercept, on E070 85m east of current resource
323324.21.2 11.65 New lens in deposit between E060 and E080
413.4435.522.1 16.1410.82E140 and E150
423.1425. intercept, on E145 10m east of current resource
LS-21-087594.5596. E140

Table 2: Summary of drillhole assay results from the West vein system in 2022 at the Efemcukuru Mine. Intercepts are only reported for those intervals above a 10 gram x metre cut-off. Drillhole collar locations, collar orientations, and total lengths are listed in Appendix 2.

DrillholeFrom (m)To (m)IntervalTruethicknessAu (g/t)Ag (g/t)Pb (%)Zn (%)Zone
KV-833168.4170.251.851.6919.7373.00.471.22West Vein
KV-834182.7184.72.01.817.9617.90.340.63West Vein
KV-83799.3101.352.051.6716.761702.00.190.42West Vein
KV-842319.4320.751.351.3113.0015.00.110.08West Vein
KV-843348.3349.81.51.395.398.00.080.11West Vein
KV-826-832, KV-835-836, KV-838-841, KV-844No significant intercepts

Table 3: Summary of drillhole assay results from extensions of ore zones at Olympias, including the North zones. Drillhole collar locations, collar orientations, and total lengths are listed in Appendix 2.

DrillholeFrom (m)To (m)IntervalTruethicknessAu (g/t)Ag (g/t)Pb (%)Zn (%)Zone
Ol-110210.611.61.0n/a11.0010.00.070.18North Zone
Ol-11039.610.71.1n/a7.6557.00.20.53North Zone
Ol-110841.847. Zone
and49. Zone
Ol-110940. Zone
including42. Zone
Ol-111046.552.05.53.310.6619.50.070.14North Zone
including46.547.51.00.621.0045.00.260.29North Zone
Ol-1101, 1104-1107No significant intercepts

Appendix 2: Collar locations and orientations and total lengths for drillholes listed in this news release.

Table 1: Summary of drillhole collar locations and collar orientations from the Ormaque Deposit.

Hole IDEasting NorthingElevationAzimuthDipLength (m)Underground/Surface

Table 2: Summary of drillhole collar locations and collar orientations from the Muhtar II vein system, at the Efemcukuru Mine.

Hole IDEastingNorthingElevationAzimuthDipLength (m)Underground/Surface

Table 3: Summary of drillhole collar locations and collar orientations from the North Zone target at Olympias.

Hole IDEasting NorthingElevationAzimuthDipLength (m)Underground/Surface


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