Leaders: ChargePoint, PharmaDrug, DeepMarkit, and DraftKings; Visionary CEOs Highlight New Trends in Electric Vehicles, Biotech, Carbon Credits, NFTs and Sports Betting

Apr 4th, 2022 10:31 EST

new york april 04 2022 globe newswire wall street reporter the trusted name in financial news since 1843 has published reports on the latest comments and insights from ceos of chargepoint holdings inc nyse chpt pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx deepmarkit otc mktdf tsx v mkt and draftkings inc nasdaq dkng today’s emerging technologies and lifestyle megatrends are unleashing trillion dollar market opportunities for disruptive innovation in how we live work and play wall street reporter highlights the latest comments from industry thought leaders shaping our world today and in the decades ahead chargepoint holdings inc nyse chpt ceo pasquale romano “increasing electric vehicle adoption is driving our growth” “ as a technology company with software at our core we are pleased to report subscription revenue for the quarter grew 12% from the first quarter and 23% year over year we finished the quarter with approximately 118 000 active ports on our network an increase of about 6 000 ports sequentially the results from this quarter can be described with one word scale scale across our three verticals and scale in both north america and europe chargepoint’s success is directly tied to the arrival of electric vehicles bloombergnef published its electric vehicle outlook in june which was the first major increase to their outlook in five years sales of evs accelerated in north america and europe in the first half of 2021 according to bnef north america ev sales were up 97% year over year for the first half and european ev sales were up 153% we are witnessing more vehicles coming to market in exciting form factors for a broad array of use cases… ” chargepoint holdings nyse chpt earnings highlights https www wallstreetreporter com 2021 11 01 chargepoint holdings inc nyse chpt q2 2022 earnings highlights pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx ceo dan cohen “advancing drug pipeline addressing billion dollar markets”pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx ceo dan cohen a featured presenter at wall street reporter’s next super stock investors conference is advancing a pipeline of natural based drugs addressing multi billion dollar market opportunities in cancers anti viral and glaucoma indications lmllf now has four drug candidates advancing towards clinical trials with key milestones in the weeks ahead watch next super stock pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx video https www wallstreetreporter com 2022 03 31 next super stock pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx advancing biopharm assets w billion dollar markets lmllf’s flagship platform is pd 001 – a reformulated and patented version of cepharanthine with lab data demonstrating potential therapies for a number of anti cancer and anti viral indications cephrantine is a natural based drug already approved in japan with a 70 year history of use cepharanthine has shown in studies to both stop the spread and kill cancer cells and reduce resistance to chemotherapy lmllf’s pd 001 is a reformulation of the traditional treatment in pill form used in japan but with 10x the bioavailability lmllf sees its pd 001 as a platform for potentially treating a wider array of cancer indications lmllf is now advancing studies for pd 001 for treating esophageal and prostate cancers lmllf has just received fda orphan drug designation for pd 001 for esophageal cancer a $1 5 billion market opportunity orphan drug designation allows for potentially fast track fda approval lower development costs and increased market protection lmllf is also advancing pd 001 for prostate cancer filing a provisional patent for cepharanthine combined with chemo for prostate cancer lmllf is also developing a treatment for glaucoma based on a re formulation of dmt n dimethyltryptamine to reduce intraocular pressure tryptamines including dmt have been shown in clinical studies to reduce intraocular pressure lmllf is collaborating with the terasaki institute for biomedical innovation a world class leader in development of novel drug delivery technologies to optimize dmt formulation with a controlled release device lmllf’s clinical research has developed two potential drug formulations which have have tested well for low toxicity and show promising potency and efficacy and expects to initiate fda clinical trials in coming months in his interview ceo dan cophen also shares that lmllf’s pipeline assets have significant upside potential as biotech valuations recover from current cyclical lows march 9 lmllf reports positive interim findings for combination of cepharanthine and frontline chemotherapy for ind enabling prostate cancer study the study demonstrated improved tumor growth inhibition by 73% compared to cabazitaxel alone feb 23 lmllf receives encouraging potency data for candidate dmt analogue molecules designed to treat primary open angle glaucoma lmllf successfully completed a head to head potency comparator study of its two undisclosed dmt analogue candidates for the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma poag lmllf intends to use the current results in combination with several planned upcoming in vitro studies to elect its final development candidate future in vivo efficacy testing in an accepted model of poag is currently being planned with the goal of providing all necessary support to file an investigative new drug ind application with the fda to conduct clinical studies feb 1 lmllf files a us provisional patent application for cepharanthine to treat prostate cancer the provisional patent application details the novel synergistic combination of cepharanthine pd 001 and cabazitaxel on prostate cancer growth inhibition and also sets forth claims related to the use of pd 001 cabazitaxel and or other taxane family members used in combination to treat primary metastatic and chemotherapy resistant prostate cancer watch next super stock pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx video https www wallstreetreporter com 2022 03 31 next super stock pharmadrug otc lmllf cse phrx advancing biopharm assets w billion dollar markets deepmarkit otc mktdf tsx v mkt ceo ranjeet sundher “monetizing carbon credits on the blockchain is nearly a trillion dollar opportunity”deepmarkit otc mktdf tsx v mkt a featured presenter at wall street reporter’s next super stock investors conference is monetizing the nearly trillion dollar market for carbon credits onto the blockchain with its mint carbon io platform the global traded market value of carbon dioxide permits grew by 164% to a record $851 billion in 2021 according to analysts at refinitiv this is viewed by institutional investors and hedge funds as the next major asset class the carbon offset market is expected to surge ten fold this decade as more enterprises pursue having ‘net zero’ carbon emissions via its mintcarbon io platform deepmarkit otc mktdf is capitalizing on this trend by helping carbon credit holders monetize their credits by minting them into tradeable nfts on the blockchain for liquid sale in the global market on 24 7 basis mktdf expects to officially launch mintcarbon io in april and commence the onboarding of clients at around the same time with two lois already signed the company is optimistic that it will be able to mint a minimum of 5 million carbon credits in the second quarter of 2022 mktdf generates revenues by charging a 10% minting fee to carbon credit holders and also captures a perpetual royalty stream of up to 5% every time each nfts is sold in the secondary market in his interview with wall street reporter mktdf ceo ranjeet sundher shared the key milestones to watch for in the coming weeks as new clients start joining the mintcarbon io platform and as the first nfts are minted sundher says that mktdf’s early mover advantage in the rapidly expanding carbon credit nft space combined with its significant pipeline of clients and projects creates the potential for significant revenue growth and valuation upside in coming months watch deepmarkit otc mktdf tsx v mkt fra dep next super stock video https www wallstreetreporter com 2022 03 16 deepmarkit otc mktdf monetizing trillion dollar carbon credits on blockchain march 23 mktdf signes letter of intent with top energy usa to form a carbon offset arrangement pursuant to which top energy will introduce and onboard carbon credit projects onto the blockchain through mintcarbon io by way of the arrangement deepmarkit expects to benefit from extensive and diverse exposure to numerous alternative electricity based carbon projects based in the united states top energy is a company focused on eco friendly energy solutions in mexico and spain top energy has specialized in clean energy technology in spain since 2003 and expanded into mexico in 2013 top energy has installed more than 41 8 megawatts mw of clean energy across 23 states of the mexican republic representing more than 100 institutional clients draftkings inc nasdaq dkng ceo jason robins “growth accelerating with new products and markets”“ we re off to a tremendous start in 2022 customer acquisition in new states has been accelerating while continuing to pay back on a gross profit basis in the two to three year time frame as of today 10 states are either already contribution profit positive or on track to achieve that milestone in 2022 overall we expect draftkings to be contribution profit positive for fy 22 and if we were to have frozen new state launches at the end of 2021 we expect that draftkings would have been able to achieve ebitda profitability as an enterprise in q4 of this year…we continue to see rapid expansion of the osb and igaming tam in the u s this is being driven by both new jurisdictions legalizing osb and igaming as well as continued healthy growth in existing states…additional product features and functionality for our mobile sports betting and igaming apps are driving increased customer retention and monetization as well as improved margins many of these benefits are now possible as a result of the migration to our in house sports betting platform which gives us the ability to diversify our bet types optimize our in game betting features and expand the breadth and depth of our content offering…we continue to add breadth and depth to our mobile sports betting and igaming products as we have mentioned in the past we believe that the long term winners in this industry will provide the best product experience to customers… draftkings marketplace had another dynamic quarter as interest and demand continues to be strong we sit at the intersection of web3 and sports culture as the only company to offer digital collectibles sports betting daily fantasy and igaming products as the nft space evolves the broader draftkings ecosystem will create more opportunities for our marketplace around utility gamification and custom offers that only we can provide the fourth quarter featured drops from the usain bolt rob gronkowski wayne gretzky simone biles tom brady and tony hawk as well as slam logo passes in the soft dome franchise…”draftkings inc nasdaq dkng earnings highlights https www wallstreetreporter com 2022 03 09 draftkings inc s dkng q4 2021 earnings highlights wall street reporter wall street reporter est 1843 is the leading financial news provider focused on giving investors direct access to ceos of promising publicly traded companies and market experts www wallstreetreporter com  nothing in this news summary shall be construed as investment advice quotes content may be edited for brevity and context full disclaimer and relevant sec 17b disclosures here https tinyurl com 2x4eznd5 about wall street reporter’s next super stock conference wall street reporter s next super stock live conference is dedicated to featuring select companies that have near term catalysts in place which can drive transformational growth and stock appreciation in the months ahead click here to join next livestream event https www wallstreetreporter com next superstock online investor conference contact wall street reporter 212 871 2057 ext 7 www wallstreetreporter com

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