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We are a small, self-funded team focused on creating measurable results.

We have 7.5 full-time staff and hope to find more growth opportunities as we move forward.

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Free Membership Benefits?

Set custom alerts, Access Real-Time Prediction Signals, etc.

Official news and company press releases have a direct effect on publicly traded companies and their ticker prices. Utilize your Stocks of the Day free membership to stay ahead of other traders and act before others. Long in short, you get to the best of what we do when you sign up for a free account. That’s all!



Over 4,000 news articles about publicly traded companies are published every day. Subscribe to have unlimited access privileges to historical and real-time news and official press releases.



Utilize our AI-powered hashtags to quickly discover important news and create alerts and filters; analyze news topics and similar news for other companies and how they were impacted by similar topics and how impactful a topic is on a ticker’s pricing and volume.



Keeping an eye out for the latest news can be very time-consuming. Set alerts to receive a notification when a press release is published that is of an interest to you. Set your notification alert criteria based on the news topics/hashtags, source, ticker’s price level, sector, and more.


BOT Signals

Aside from providing you with the latest news, alerts, and analysis on the topics, Stocks of the Day’s artificial intelligence robots use the market conditions, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and historical data of other similar companies to predict how a ticker’s value might be affected by a recent news. Give yourself an edge by using the bot predictions as a factor in your trading decisions.


Frequently asked questions about membership

To access the fastest real-time news feed and alerts and stay ahead of others for the most profitable trading ideas. If you trade without Stocks of the Day’s Screener, you’re missing out!

Other news outlets focus on a wide variety of topics and typically cover news hours after it was originally released through a press release. In addition, most news is not directly related to publicly-traded companies. Stocks of the Day, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for stock traders and uses the state-of-the-art technology to bring you the most important news about all publicly-traded companies within seconds of their release. We take it to a whole new level by using statistical, AI, and machine learning (amongst other) technologies to read, extract, comprehend, and tag news by company stock ticker and topic info. The idea is to utilize these along with historical market data to forecast a ticker’s pricing and volume behavior.