NIO opens 2nd showroom in Sweden

Feb 24th, 2023 0:36 EST

The NIO Space, located in the heart of Göteborg, showcases the NIO ET7, EL7 and ET5.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO (NYSE: NIO) has opened its second showroom in Sweden after its first one there opened late last year.

The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker opened an NIO Space in Göteborg, Sweden's second-largest city, on February 23, Mattias Lundgren, general manager of NIO Sweden, said in an article posted today on the NIO App.

NIO Space is NIO's smaller showroom, which is commonly found in large shopping malls in China. The company's flagship showroom is the more functional NIO House.

Göteborg, Lundgren's hometown, is across the sea from Denmark and is the largest unfrozen port in Northern Europe, according to the article.

This NIO Space is located in the middle of Göteborg and showcases the NIO ET7, EL7 and ET5.

NIO introduced the ET7, EL7 and ET5 to European consumers at the NIO Berlin launch event last October 7. The EL7 is known as the ES7 in China.

On November 15, NIO delivered the ET7 to consumers in Sweden for the first time, and the first local ET7 customer was from Stockholm.

On November 17, NIO's first battery swap station in Sweden went live in Varberg.

On December 8, NIO opened an NIO Space in Westfield Täby Mall Centrum in Stockholm, its first showroom in Sweden.

At the Swedish eCarExpo held in early December, NIO presented the ET7, EL7 and ET5, as well as the electric supercar EP9 to local visitors.

In China, NIO had 299 NIO Spaces as of the end of January, as well as 99 NIO Houses, according to figures it shared earlier this month.

NIO starts ET7 deliveries in Sweden


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