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You’ll find that our stock screener updates in real-time. It shows tickers with the news releases that have affected their share prices. You can view the tickers current price. In addition, you can use our stock screener to see when the news became public, the changes to share prices it caused, and the stock volume traded since the news release.

Why Use Our Stock Screener?

Various stock screeners exist for day traders to use. At Stocks of the Day, we have a free stock screener online to assist traders in making more calculated trades. Our stock screener shows how news releases have impacted specific tickers. It displays the ticker’s current share price, the change in stock prices caused, andthe stock volume traded since the news release became public.

Trade with the News

Savvy traders understand the impact news events can have on share prices. Our stock screener enables you to see how a news event is affecting a ticker’s price. You’ll find the ticker’s current stock price and the percentage change the news release has caused since becoming public knowledge. You can use our stock screener to get ahead of the market by capitalizing on information quickly.

AI-Generated Hashtags

At Stocks of the Day, we realize traders need access to the latest news events and press releases. You’ll find that our stock screener shows you tickers with the latest news releases affecting their price. Our AI-generated hashtags enable you to find the information you’re searching for quickly. You can use our stock screener to see the ticker’s current share price and how the news event has affected its price since becoming public knowledge.

Real-Time Updates

Time is of the essence when you’re trading stocks. Our stock screener operates in real-time, updating every few seconds. Therefore, you’re going to get the latest information about how news events are affecting a ticker’s price. You can use our stock screener to identify trading opportunities for better profitability.

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Check out our free stock screener for day trading today. Our subscribers can pair our stock screener with our AI stock predictions to select stocks that lead to profitable trades.

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