Weekly Stock News Recap- August 22, 2022

Aug 22nd, 2022 11:51 EST

The Market is Changing Again. Are You In The Loop? How’s your Monday starting *|FNAME|*? This week’s predictions are signs of our market shifting, for better or worse! Our systems have been working to keep track of the changing trends, and we’re happy to report the directions Sadie gave us last week. Remember, you can always see all signals for free in real-time on our website.

Long Predictions:

  $TDUP Starting with the strongest of our Long predictions, we have ThredUP. The company’s financial results for the second quarter showed positive results and gave a conservative estimate for its upcoming quarter. The news sparked off in the after-hours of the market, and Sadie gave us her bearings minutes later. With Sadie’s signal alerts, Traders should have been ready and geared up for the markets opening the next day. After all the action, the total profit estimated is a maximum of 30% !   $LOCL & $VERB Our next two long signals came in on the 15th and gained 13% and 5% in profits. Local Bounti Corporation ($LOCL) and Verb Technology Company ($VERB). The news for these stocks came in at opposing market hours, but both signals proved their accuracy quickly!  $LOCL stock proved Sadie’s prediction when the market opened and continued to grow its profit into the next day, culminating in that 13% profit. While the $VERB signal came in during the after-hours, it saw its profit with the opening hours the next day.    $CAN Kicking off the early bird news Aug 18th, Canaan announced its unaudited financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2022. Opening hours showed that Sadie was right on target as her signal proved profitable and earned 10% over the course of the market day.   Short predictions:   $FRZA OneWater Marine ($ONEW) and Forza X1($FRZA) shared the news on August 18th that the two Companies have entered into a partnership. This news faired for a strong uptrend for ONEW and simultaneously a downtrend for FRZA and proved Sadie’s short prediction true as the day wore on, eventually culminating in an 18% profit ! $AIHS Senmiao Technology Limited announced the launch of its proprietary online ride-hailing platform for two cities in Asia. This news came in at the cusp of the market's opening on August 18th and started a flurry of premarket activity to short the stock. As the opening market hours progressed, Sadie’s prediction came in and gained a 17% profit before noon.     $PXLW   Sadie loves signaling when a stock is overbought or oversold! This one was a prime example. The strategic investment news got released Thursday at 7 am. The stock rallied up to $2.50 from the previous day’s close of $2.05 during the pre-market. Our bearish signal came out at 9:11 am, and sure enough, stock took a dive as soon as the markets opened. By 10:10 am, we saw the stock trade at $2.18, and by the end of Friday, the $PXLW traded as low as $2.00. That marks a sweet 16% profit !  

Yellow predictions:

Short Long


Grown profits
$SDC  67% → 100%
$SPRC 22% → 38% 
$PRCH 80% → 90%
$PRPL 34% → 41%
$RETO 25% →  31%
$APDN  35% →  39%

That’s a warp, folks. We have some exciting new features and improvements coming up soon, and expect the signals to keep getting even stronger!

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